Tourism and Natural Environmental Problems Caused By Tourist

Exploring and visiting new and beautiful places are really exciting whether it is a business purpose or relaxation and enjoyment for a limited period. Tourism gives chance to recognize about the country and their people, locally or globally. Tourist is usually deeming as a boon. Social impact, tourist narrates globally about culture, tradition, the hospitality of people and the beauty of land and country. Economic impact, tourist contribute profits in a region, bring prosperity, employment, tax incomes and generate revenues for the local economy.  

“Sometime boons over the limit may convert into bane”.

The major cause of the trouble is pollution: - land, air and water.

If there is a chance to make tourist visit your country but sometime they may cause discommode to local which is also becoming a global problem.  

When a huge number of tourist often visit a place of their interest and they litter on spot. Waste disposal is a great problem in the natural environment. Eventually, it may damage the natural beauty of the landscape, bring pollution to the aesthetic of the environment which lead to soil erosion. Usually, a tourist campaign in forest scattering their debris may lead to catching fire and destroys the forest. Moreover, land pollution cause disturbance to livestock and loss of natural habitats. Even tourist didn’t spear the beauty of Mount Everest. According to news channel NDTV. Nepal Authorities clear 11 tons of trash from Mount Everest and this trash were at peak for decades. A team of 12 high- altitude Sherpa climbers spent over a month collecting the waste (Service, 2019).

Apart from all, sometimes tourist involves criminal activities like smuggling, human trafficking and supplying drugs to exploit locals for their criminal activities and this ruins our society and youth.  Youths are the backbone of a country.

Every day tourist explores and visits new places and mode of transports is road, rails and air. Emission of gases from automobiles and aeroplanes causes air pollution both locally and globally. Campfire which is used as a source of light and heat for tourist can cause air pollution and deforestation. Air pollution can lead to climate change and global warming. It has negative impacts on human health like respiratory problems- congestion, asthma, chronic bronchitis, eye irritation and damage brain cells. Air pollution causes acid rain which leads to fog and smog.

Acid rain can ruin beautiful and marvellous historic building and statues. Acid rain burnt away beautiful greenery scenery, it causes great damage to forest, plants, trees and animals and again the loss of habitat. Acid raid leaches out essential nutrient in the soil and releases a toxic substance which makes it hard for trees to take up water. Acid rain change pH of the lake, pond and rivers which leads to the death of marine life and affect the ecosystem. Noise pollution comes under air pollution. Automobiles not just leave air to pollute but also cause noise pollution which distress for wildlife and plants too. Loud music played by tourist in the forest cause disturbance to wildlife.

Earth’s two-third surfaces are covered by water are the basic need of life. Here tourist didn’t lag behind to pollute the beautiful view of a beach or river. Annually there is a large increase in tourism. Rampant construction of tourist facilities like a hotel, motel, café, restaurant, etc has without safe disposal of sewage. This sewage is carried to near water bodies and polluting their purity.

The author (Saenz-de-Miera and Rosselló, 2014) describe the same issue about eutrophication, loss of ecosystem and again the death of marine life. Water pollution has a great negative impact on human health. Sometimes inadequate resources have a negative impact on the ecosystem of the area. For example, large volumes of water are consumed to cater to the needs of the tourists, run hotels, swimming pools, maintain golf courses, etc. This can degrade the quality of water and decrease the volume of water that is available for the local population, plants, and animals. It is not only the water resources that are depleted. 


Ministry of Tourism is also responsible to maintain the beauty of the land. If it makes revenue out of tourism then it should spend on the motherland. A huge example of NDTV channel, the clean-up campaign cost nearly 23 million rupees for Mount Everest.  He added that China had also launched a similar drive to clean the north side of the world's highest mountain (Service, 2019).

The control of land pollution is necessary in order to save the natural beauty of the land and scenic views. To save natural beauties impose a heavy penalty on tourist. Apply to recycle bins everywhere with sing board “Keep this area clean”. Recycle helps in control land pollution so for the production and manufacture of recycling products with recycling label on it, include manufacturing of organic product this minimize land pollution (Baysan, 2001). To get rid of air pollution use catalytic convertor automobiles, this is utterly environmental friendly. This converts harmful gas emitted from automobiles to harmless gases. This filters the air we breathe in, avoid air pollution and bring lack of acid rain.

It is essential for today's world whether they are civilized countries or underdeveloped,  in order to keep your water safe from pollution during a number of factors that can ensure the water remains safe even for coming generations. Firstly authorities must make sure that reforms for tourist are being well implemented, and those marine sight tourist visits are safe from there lettering and their waste product is being disposed of properly instead of meeting lakes and oceans. (Whale Facts, 2019)

Using renewable energy sources to provide power and backup tourist area where tourist visit so they won't have to use non-renewable source of energy which can cause pollution to atmosphere for example hydropower, in fact, the use of renewable energy source can help eliminated toxic fumes and provide better airflow as toxic fumes can result in acid rain, solar energy and wind turbine are all pollution-free methods of obtaining power from natural resource without harming the earth existing resources.

Companies who manufacture products and goods should focus on making materials that are eco-friendly and recyclable. A component that is recyclable is better for the environment by allowing people to resell or reship the old materials so companies can save money and resources by using the part that they obtain.   

The tourist left the beautiful natural places so polluted and impure that it is not same purity we breathe in and relief our eyes with greenery. Precaution measure should be taken for betterment of green economy, eco-friendly and human health-wise. The consequence is we have pure air and green environment. The ministry of tourism make revenue out of tourism so hire cleaners to clean area or region and install trash bin. Last but not least is before giving visas to tourist their criminal records must be investigated. This is the safety of our healthy society and betterment of our youth, not to involve in criminal activities.


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By Varda Ch (V C).

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