Best Destination For December Trip in India

Everyone wants to go out on a busy schedule and go for a walk, but due to lack of holidays, this wish remains incomplete. But, if your trip is being made in the last minute, then definitely go to these five places. The natural beauty here can give a new direction to your life and make you feel a paradise.

The luxury resort of Coorg (The Scotland of India)


If you are planning a trip plan with the intention of relaxing the resort, then Coorg can prove to be a great destination for you. This area, located a few hours away from Bangalore, can be explored through the byroad. There are plenty of trekking opportunities here for adventure enthusiasts. Do not forget to drink tea and coffee here.

Mountain Ghat Ooty

Ghat Ooty

Ooty, called the Ghat of the Western mountain range, can become a great place for you. This city of Tamil Nadu will introduce you to many adventures. The gardens, museums here are the centre of attraction for tourists. Here the journey of the railroad passing through the Nilgiri mountain range gives a different world experience. This railway place has been declared a heritage place towards UNESCO.

Nature views in Meghalaya

Nature views in Meghalaya

A trip to Meghalaya in the month of December can give an experience of seeing nature and life in a new way. The delicious bread pakora and hot tea here will make your trip spectacular. The beauty of this place will be seen without blinking. Umami Lake of Meghail is one of the most favourite places for visitors. Going here can mean the complete happiness of your journey.

Enjoy in Andaman and Auli 

Enjoy in Andaman and Auli

If your trip is being finalized suddenly in December, then you must go to Andaman. The islands and natural environment here will change the way you look at life. There are many sports played on the water for adventure enthusiasts. Similarly, if you want to enjoy stopping at the Himalayan Resort, then you should go for a walk in Auli. Here you can enjoy skiing, trekking, ropeways, camping. 


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